Do you want to be on the channel your customers expect ?

It might seem difficult and very expensive but it is not. The platform of ClientGenix is not only capable of communicating over the phone, it can chat over different channels including SMS, Facebook messenger or Google assistant. The business rules are defined once, then used everywhere.

What is cross-channel ?

Omni-channel is the capability for a customer to contact via any channel and receive the same service. What you said on the phone is known by the person you will have on the chat 2 minutes later.

Cross-channel is the next step. It allows you to change channel during the interaction, while keeping track of your progress.

Why should I do this ?

Cross-channels has 2 advantages :

  • It allows the company to deliver the service to a cheaper channel, typically where the self-service is easily accessible.
  • It allows the customer to have a solution on another channel without delay, even when the main channel is closed or too busy.

Take a look at our demo section to discover the potential of cross-channel.

With cross-channel capability of ClientGenix, your customers can start the journey on an expensive channel and end up in a cheap self-service process inside the same or another channel. You don’t need to restrict the access to your phone number anymore !

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